You can review our guidelines and submit your work to us over at our page on Submishmash. For more information about the kind of work we’re looking for, keep reading.

What We Want

We want your stories. We crave your stories. We want your stories of any length. If you can top Hemingway’s “baby shoes” thing with fewer words, let’s see it. And if you got 10,000 words you better have an insane amount of momentum to justify it. And we want your poems. We want your poem that makes us jealous and/or slightly afraid of you. If anyone has ever described your poem as a knee in the gut, we really want that poem. Same with the stories. We want your story that you felt weird about writing because you thought someone close to you would get upset. We want the story that the other magazine didn’t want. Let us clarify though. We don’t want all the rejects; some were probably rejected for good reason. We want the one where, when you got the rejection letter, a righteous anger boiled over and you screamed at your dog, “Are you kidding me?!” And then when the consolation copy showed up in your mail, you went through with a red pen and crossed out the stories that were worse. We want that story.

This part is very serious. We discourage quiet epiphanies. But if your story has one that makes Dave run and tackle Matt and yell, “Did you read the end of this yet?!” and Matt says, “I did! Nothing happened, and it blew my brains out!” And Dave’s like, “I know, right?!” and then Matt punches Dave full in the face and Amanda tackles Simon from behind as Amy works the speed bag in the corner and Ned takes a picture of it and then the sprinklers go off, then, yeah, by all means, send us that story. Also we don’t discourage genre fiction, but you’ve got some extra work to do there. In other words, a story with discussions of werewolves (or written by one) might have the edge over a story with a werewolf actually in it. We don’t discourage murder, but, again, we kind of like people talking about it more than doing it. So if we were talking about movies right now, instead think Hitchcock over Hooper. Think Zodiac over Maniac. Maybe. Actually, never mind. Kill ‘em if you want.

Oh, yeah, we probably don’t want stories about writers (or poems about gardening). We know, we know, you’re supposed to “write what you know.” That’s fine, but we might not want to read it. We subscribe to the “know what you write” theory instead. Do a little research on the mysterious guy who makes lightbulbs and tell us about that day on the assembly line when he put one over his head and shouted, “I got an idea!” And after the tenth time he told that joke, he was tackled.

And the sprinklers went off.

Send us your work. We’re so excited to read what you’ve written that we’re just about ready to smash our heads through a fish tank. Don’t worry. It’s empty. But even if it was full, we’d do it for you.

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