David James Keaton

David James KeatonAs a boy, a fly followed David’s burrito into a microwave and mysteriously disappeared. Of all possible outcomes, he has since found comfort imagining it flying unharmed out of another microwave miles away. In unrelated news, David received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, and his fiction has appeared in over fifty nefarious publications. He won a Spinetingler Award for his roulette scam in Crime Factory #8, and his contribution to Plots With Guns #10 was named a Notable Story of 2010 by storySouth. He just finished his first novel, for which he is seeking the representation of anyone who can rip it in half with their bare hands. His irresponsible collection FISH BITES COP! Stories To Bash Authorities is forthcoming from Comet Press. He can be found at davidjameskeaton[dot]com along with a weight lifting frog.


Matt Maki
Fiction Editor

Matt Maki has studied, taught, and writes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, flash fiction, prose poetry, creative criticism, aphorisms, rambles, and things. Much of this has happened at Northern Michigan University and the University of Alabama and while working with Passages North, Black Warrior Review, and Greatest Lakes Review. If he receives a story that can in any way be described as “traditional,” he will find a way to transmit vomit via Submishmash in response.


Erin Elizabeth Keaton
Poetry Editor

Erin provides otherworldly contributions to the world and others through writing, making art stuff, and now reading for Flywheel. She is a regular contributor to Drollhouse, a quarterly magazine, and frequently shows art in the Midwest. The art is surprisingly creepy, but mostly only surprising if you know how flowery she is. She also writes poetry and essays. Fiction hard.


Simon Jacobs
Flash Fiction Editor

Simon is a young, rage-fueled writer from Ohio. In addition to his energy transference at Flywheel, he edits the Safety Pin Review, a wearable medium for fiction under 30 words. He can be found following tracks in the snow and laying traps at simonjacobs[dot]blogspot[dot]com. Some people will always find him a little strange.


Amy Lueck
Nonfiction Editor

Amy LueckAmy received her MA in Literature from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently pursuing her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville. She has a bunch of undergraduate poetry hiding in a drawer somewhere, and her article “Writing Without Sound,” forthcoming in Currents in Electronic Literacy (Spring 2011), is likely to go similarly unread. Her proudest accomplishment remains raising a mutant cat with thumbs that’s probably one generation from making a phone call.


Harley Ferris

Harley has been building webpages since 1997 when some random kid in a basement showed him how to code by hand in Notepad. Since then, he’s been wreaking havoc on the web in one way or another.  In between the websites, he’s finishing an English MA and preparing to start a PhD in Composition and Rhetoric to help people learn to write good.  He currently lives in Louisville with a beautiful wife, three shining boys, two scheming dogs and eight oblivious fish.


Amanda Hempel
Assistant Poetry Editor

Amanda HempelAmanda is a poet (though she dislikes that word) living in Pittsburgh. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in several journals, including Zouch, Fogged Clarity, Pegasus, Arsenic LobsterQuiddity, and llluminations. Like so many writers and editors, she spends her free time wondering what exactly one does with an MFA. If she ever figures that out, she’ll let you know. Her favorite hobby is flushing live stinkbugs down the toilet. Until she finds the one that burned her arm, they will all pay.


Ned Kelly
Art & Photography Editor

I wore a bucket on my head. My last words were “Such is life.”

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