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Goats Were Got (or Bait & Switch!)

Yeah, we got the goat. But I had a little trouble getting the movie. Let me explain. See, I’ve developed a surefire way of goosing myself into writing an introduction when it’s necessary. Rent a movie, watch it while I … Continue reading

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A Winner Announced! Monogamouse In The House!

“Mice are not monogamous. If they were, they’d be monogamice.” – John Ritter in Skin Deep So, exactly one year ago today, as a way to maintain reader interest during our gestating between-issues limbo, Flywheel Magazine had an idea for a … Continue reading

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Dementia Pugilistica

“I got the guts…but the guts need fuel.” – Barfly So, inspired by the list of car chases I fired off after being inspired by going to see Drive and then suddenly remembering the brutal stomping Ryan Gosling delivered in … Continue reading

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Two Wrongs Make A Right

Attention barflies, AWP people and/or Chicago natives that managed to survive the recent devastating Transformer battle (and that big fire way back when), Flywheel Magazine and Burnt Bridge are teaming up for a reading in Chicago on Friday, March 2nd, … Continue reading

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Gasoline Dreams

“Stay off the moors. Stick to the roads.” - An American Werewolf in London So, tonight I finally saw Drive. Believe the hype. And, as I just said to someone who wasn’t really asking, it was a little bit of Heat, … Continue reading

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