Two Wrongs Make A Right

Attention barflies, AWP people and/or Chicago natives that managed to survive the recent devastating Transformer battle (and that big fire way back when), Flywheel Magazine and Burnt Bridge are teaming up for a reading in Chicago on Friday, March 2nd, at The Billy Goat Tavern. The fun starts at 6:30, and we’re calling it “The Shindig In Chi-Town,” so protect your shins with some catcher’s gear if you have to. Editor Jason Stuart of Burnt Bridge and his goons, me, First Lieutenant and Flash Master (Master Flasher?) Devan Goldstein, Former Fiction Editor Geoff Peck (find out why he got fired!), Nonfiction Editor Amy Lueck (find out how she got the job!), Poetry Editor Amanda Hempel (find out exotic food names!), nefarious Art Director Ned Kelly (sans bucket on head), hopefully the whole damn crew will be in attendance. Not sure exactly who’s reading yet, or what. How’s that for a sales pitch? So stop by and plead your case if one of those miscreants up there rejected you. We’re gonna be skulking around the peripheries of this conference thing all weekend, so come find us, lock pinkies in the backs of our blue jeans and sing a song! I mean, look at the name of this joint? The Billy Goat? Was the Slaughtered Lamb all booked or what??

P.S.  It looks like another event is up and official, too. March 1st will be The Wrong Kind Of Reading at the Galway Arms (near where they shot Dillinger I’m told). This reading, if you check your program, is “loosely” affiliated with Plots With Guns, and will have readings by Anthony Neil Smith (author of the new novel All The Young Warriors), Kyle Minor, John Weagly, and me, among others.  They’re calling this “literary pulp,” (whatever that is), or “transgressive” (better, mostly because submishmash doesn’t recognize that as a genre for some reason). This thing, I will definitely be reading at this thing, so…sorry about that in advance.

Anyway, to clarify, March 1st at the Galway Arms with guns, March 2nd with Burnt Bridge and Flywheel at the Billy Goat, the bar where the two dudes in American Werewolf in London took refuge, and March 3rd at The Slaughtered Lamb is pending, depending on the mint jelly. Come hear this. We will say things that can’t be unsaid. We will use words on you.

The First Flywheel Reading - October, 1871

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