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I feel like I’m losing a good, good friend.

you’re not losing a friend
you are dear

but of those middle-aged verbs
I’m interested in
we’re marching along
i make my declaration
from near empty family home

mother no longer mothering
mate without a mate

asking myself if the blue flame rising
in me is instinct or the want of you

your painful corns
fear of the dentist
patterned nightly call

i reject them all
tarnish of my age
strike out

to traverse a coast
commune with spirit cultures
camp, canoe my misty lake

find clarity

● ● ●

Mary Pacifico Curtis's poetry and prose have been published by LOST Magazine, The Rumpus,, Clutching at Straws, Los Positas College Literary Anthologies, Boston Literary Magazine, Unheard Magazine, Pitkin Review, Naugatuck River Review and The Crab Orchard Review. When she is not writing, she is CEO of Pacifico Inc, a leading Silicon Valley PR and branding firm. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College.

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