Cry Rain

By Mary Pacifico Curtis. Posted in Issue Three and Poetry. Bookmark the permalink.

hit the roof, slop on,
beat, drone
staccato drops,
hythmic and random -
hundreds, more
untuned brass
ensemble gone mad
together and not -
splash through
gutters and drains
onto land
the place of change.

● ● ●

Mary Pacifico Curtis's poetry and prose have been published by LOST Magazine, The Rumpus,, Clutching at Straws, Los Positas College Literary Anthologies, Boston Literary Magazine, Unheard Magazine, Pitkin Review, Naugatuck River Review and The Crab Orchard Review. When she is not writing, she is CEO of Pacifico Inc, a leading Silicon Valley PR and branding firm. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College.

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