In the Courtyard

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Where the old school stood

a chain-link fence corrals a playground.

On it, alone and safe, a rope and plastic

geodesic jungle gym, blue and yellow,

squats on a bed of coiffured cedar chips.


There are no base paths here; no bent rim

backboards; no strike zone chalked in white

on brick; inside the chain-link fence

the past does not exist.


On the lot next door, before the entrance

to the new Spring Glen Grammar School–

its windows sealed; its white boards hung

on concrete blocks–stand what remains of eighty

years of wooden doors and plaster walls:


Cornerstone and architrave, date and name,

heavy with white chalk on black boards, with clocks

that tick, with windows open to the spring and fall.

Nowhere in this building would they fit.

● ● ●

Bob Meszaros taught English at Hamden High School in Hamden, Connecticut, for thirty-two years. He retired from teaching in June of 1999. During the 1970s and 80s his poetry appeared in a number of literary journals, such as En Passant and Voices International. In the year 2000 he began teaching part time at Quinnipiac University, and he began once again to submit his work for publication. His poems have subsequently appeared in The Connecticut Review, Main Street Rag, Tar River Poetry, Concho River Review, and other literary magazines and journals. He is now writing (both poetry and prose) about his many years of public school teaching.

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