The Geometric Pattern of Public Restroom Floor Tiles

By Paul David Adkins. Posted in Issue Three and Poetry. Bookmark the permalink.

could be discerned by some

as the exact replica

of a stained glass crucifix,


or row on row of appliqué

black-eyed susans,


a plus sign

followed by a minus,

1 x 1.


Perhaps the letter T


to infinity.


Grey streets straight

and flat as Kansas.


A farmer’s

contoured fields between

the dusty lanes of grout.



lie tributaries

of the River Pubes.


A city planner’s original layout

for downtown Washington.


The window bars

of Shootie’s Liquor,

through which even a child’s


arm cannot be thrust.

● ● ●

Paul David Adkins grew up in South Florida and lives in New York.

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